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Last updated July 14, 2017

More and more people from all over the world are becoming live webcam models. This is the ideal career for women and men who are open-minded, naughty, like to talk to strangers and enjoy attention. This type of work has numerous advantages, it's flexible and entertaining and it can be very, very profitable. In this detailed article we will discuss the basic facts of working as a web cam model and help you figure out if this job is the right choice for you. Read through and pay special attention to the short list we've composed, which features the best cam sites in the industries for camgirls.

Who Can Become a Webcam Model?

Anyone who is over 18 can work as a cam model. This sexy position is most commonly filled by women – both straight and lesbian, but in recent years there have been more and more straight men performing online as well as transsexual women, gays and couples.

What Previous Experience do Camgirls Need to Have?

There is no university where you can take classes in performing on live sex cams, and you won’t need them even if they existed. Some webcam models do acquire experience as time goes by and there is certainly nothing wrong with learning new things, but in the essence, being a cam model involves a lot of motivation, a friendly character and some basic improvisation skill. Every live cam show is unique, and every webcam model has a style. What happens on the live sex chat rooms is completely up to the model and the viewer and there are no fixed rules that dictate how an adult chat ought to be.

How Many Hours a Day Do Cam Models Perform?

 One of the major advantages of being a camgirl is that you set your own pace. Some models like to work from 9 to 5, others like to work nights and some only go online once every few days and only for a couple of hours. Clearly, in order to collect fans and to generate a decent income, some self-discipline is a good idea, but if you're only interested in working once a week and generating a small extra income, you can. On adult webcams the models are self-employed – no one will tell you what to do or when to work and only you control your schedule.

How Much Money do Camgirls Make?

Now we're getting to everyone's favorite question: Cash. The truth is that there are several factors that affect the potential income of webcam models, and different models generate very different profits. Some sites allow models to set their own rates, some allow members to tip models during shows. There are websites where users pay fixed rates for private or group shows, but they can enjoy discounts for longer shows or pay extra to join a model's fan club and access her sexy content. Keep in mind that for the first month or two many adult webcam sites will have a strict cap on the rates on new models. In some cases a model will only be allowed to charge a dollar per minute, when 50 percent of that will go to the site, but this is only for the first few weeks until the website is convinced that the camgirl is committed and wants to perform.

Some web cam models make thousands of dollars a week – others just a hundred. It depends on how much time they spend in private chats, how any fans they have, how many days a week they perform and how many tips they receive. There are some couples that perform together from home and manage to earn enough so they don’t need to work anywhere else and there are some webcam models that are so popular that they make huge profits just from tips, not to mention virtual gifts when members can send to their favorite performers.

Do I Need to do Anything That the Viewer Asks?

You never need to do anything on webcam that makes you feel even remotely uncomfortable. This is your chat rooms, your rules and you only need to do things that you are happy with. Some cam models only tease, strip or show off. Others dirty talk or role play and there are some that like to dress up. Some use adult toys, some just chat and see where it leads and there are models that have some kind of specialty. Needless to say, being a bit adventurous and willing to explore your sexuality is a great thing, but you will never ever need to put yourself in an unpleasant situation on web cam and can always choose to end the show or disengage – whenever you want.

You should be completely relaxed and at ease with your performance and the things that you do online. If you are in control and find real pleasure in your show, your viewers will enjoy watching you and they will not only pay for private session, but will come back for more.  

I Want to Become a Webcam Model – How do I Get Started?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have some vey basic equipment: A working computer, a decent internet connection and a good web camera are a must. You don’t need to purchase professional technology – far from it, but you need to have the tools to offer quality shows. A grainy image, a slow connection and bad lighting will deter viewers, and people will be a lot less inclined to pay for your live sex shows. Have everything? Choose an adult webcam site from the list below, sign up, send age verification and once you're approved (usually this takes between a few hours to a few days), you can start your very first live sex show.


    Many cam models love Chaturbate, although it is a bit unique in the adult webcam arena. Absolutely anyone can broadcast on this site and this actually improves your chances of succeeding, because there are many amateurs who don't take the shows seriously. The site heavily relies on tips but there are also private and group sex shows and the nice, friendly atmosphere is ideal for new camgirl as well as for any performer who likes an easygoing community that welcomes absolutely anyone.

    Who Can Apply: Women, Men, Couples. Transsexuals

    Profit Potential: Sexy chats cost from 6 tokens ($0.30) to 90 tokens ($4.50) per minute, and there are also tips if you know how to work it.

    Getting Paid: Performers get paid on a bimonthly basis, by Payoneer, check, direct deposit or Paxum or Payoneer. You must earn at least $50 before you can cash out your profit.

    Registration: Choose a nickname, sign up and start showing off.

    Privacy: It's possible to block visitors by location or to ban ones that cross the line.

    Top Tip: Use the free membership to check out the chat rooms and get some ideas before you start broadcasting



    Anyone who knows anything about adult webcams has heard about LiveJasmin – the largest and most professional sex chat site on the web. This site specializes mainly on skilled models and it is overflowing with stunning beauties that look amazing and know how to entertain. This place attracts serious web cam users and has a premium feel and design and it is famous all over the world and has certainly asserted itself over the years as one of the top players in the market.

    Who Can Apply: Women, Men, Couples. Shemales

    Earning Potential: On LiveJasmin cam models earn between 30 and 60 percent of what the members pay for live sex chats or for any additional paid service. If the specific member was referred by the performer, he or she will get a bonus of 20 percent. Price for private shows varies from $2 per minute and $5. New models and Sale chat rooms have a price tag of only $1 and needless to say: Pornstars charge way more than standard camgirls.

    Getting Paid: Payment to webcam models is transferred on a bimonthly basis, using ePayService, Payoneer, Paxum or postal check, one you reach your minimal payout limit.

    Registration: Sign up as a model, add a photo and your legal documents and you'll be promptly approved.

    >Privacy: Webcam models can block users from their own county as well as unregistered visitors from three countries.

    Top Tip: On this video chat community you compete with professional studio models so plan your show, make sure you have some outfits and props and come ready to impress.



    Internet Modeling is a huge adult modeling agency which recruits camgirls, cam guys and for some of the leading sex cam sites in the industry. The agency represents more than 50,000 models from all over the world and claims to serve over 10 million users every single day.

    Who Can Apply: Women, Men, Couples. Shemales

    Earning potential: No charge-backs, no minimum and models can get 70 percent of their gross income and additional bonuses of between 10 and 30 percent (assuming you earn more than $500 per week, which is quite feasible for committed models).  Cam models also receive 70% revenue share of any of their paid sex video.

    Getting Paid: Weekly payment by Payoneer, check, Paxum, direct deposit or Payza.

    Registration: This site is all about the models, so you need to apply and fill in all your details. It doesn't take long though.

    Privacy: Models are allowed to block visitors from up to five different countries, cities or states.

    Top Tip: This is a great site for webcam models that are looking to perform as a career, not as a side thing, and that are willing to work hard in order to earn a lot of money. If you're just into performing twice a week, this is not the right choice for you.



    Many webcam models love to work for, which claims to be the highest-paying model agency in the industry. Well, we're not sure if it is the highest-paying, but it certainly pays well and it has a friendly interface and quick registration that will definitely appeal to newcomers.

    Who Can Apply: Women, Men, Couples. Shemales

    Earning potential: Through this agency cam models can earn as much as $1.25 per minute for every paying customer in the live sex chat room. This actually means that group shows pay off more, because you'll get paid for every user.

    Getting Paid: Webcam models get paid every Saturday by direct deposit, Payoneer or check. Note that Payoneer payments require $20 minimum.

    Registration: You need to fill in your application, construct an appealing profile and can then start broadcasting.

    Top Tip: Pay attention to your profile – it will the difference between attracting numerous new fans and being ignored on your first days performing.



    The large and trendy refers to models as talents and claims that it allows any model to start earning as soon as he or she signs up and that it grooms the ones that excel. This agency understands models' different needs and has what it takes to both supports new performers as well as to promote experienced camgirls and real stars.

    Who Can Apply: Anyone

    Profit Potential: New webcam models on this site can make between $20 and $30 per hour and seasoned camgirls can make between $50 and $100 per hour. The more fans and followers you have, the more money you'll make – that the case with any adult chat community. Models can make extra cash from bonuses, tips, contest, videos and virtual gifts.

    Getting Paid: Models get paid every other Friday. There are no deductions of Charge-backs from payouts, which is a huge advantage.

    Registration: Signing up to this website is very quick and simple. If you are a couple, you need to complete a separate form for every performer.

    Privacy: Models can block any location – no limitations.

    Top Tip: If you are a webcam model who's interested in growing and expanding your talent, look no further. This site can spot real stars and help them bloom.


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